The courses taught at BA, MA and Res-MA level include:

  • Literature and Politics

  • Introduction to Area Studies (together with dr. E. Mark) 

  • Islamic Mysticism 

  • Classical Persian Poetry as a Living Tradition

  • Modern Persian literature 

  • Persian Court poetry

  • Contemporary Iranian history

  • Iranian film and Persian visual culture

  • Persian manuscript tradition (text and transmission)

  • Persian oral literature

  • Shiism

  • Current Intellectual Debates

  • History and historiography

  • Things to do with Texts  (together with Dr. Geert Warnar, as part of Honours program).

I also participate in other programs such as the medieval Dutch Studies in the courses “Grote Boeken uit de literatuur van de Middeleeuwen en de vroegmoderne tijd” and “Panorama van de Middeleeuwen en de Vroegmoderne Tijd.”